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Saturday, May 28, 2016
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The WFD-PD program provides a level of funding appropriate to the needs of the individual identified in each application. Funds are limited and not all applications are necessarily supported. The level of support is determined by the program objectives, eligibility and criteria.


  1. To provide people with disabilities the supports and skills required for participation in the labour force;
  2. To remove barriers that people with disabilities face in preparing for, obtaining and maintaining employment; and
  3. To assist employers who include people with disabilities in their workforce.


WFD-PD provides assistance to individuals, community-based organizations and employers to help minimize the impact of disability on education and employment.


  • Funding must support a resident of Saskatchewan 16 and over who, because of a disability, will require extraordinary supports to prepare for, obtain or maintain employment;
  • Funding supports are for disability-related costs only;
  • Funding may be used to conduct an assessment to determine the impact of disability and the supports required for successful employment;
  • Funding is contingent upon confirmation of disability and a description of the supports needed in an Individual Action Plan; and
  • The Action Plan must focus on employment with attention to disability-related costs and must encourage the use of mainstream programs wherever possible.

Eligible Support Costs

Individual Supports for Persons with a Disability are intended to address exceptional disability-related costs, and must be specific to education or employment settings. Disability supports do not include equipment, services or support required by the participant's peers (i.e. co-workers, other students, business competitors).

For a list of disability-related supports that are eligible for funding under this program please see Eligible Disability Related Support Costs-WFD, under related documents below.

N.B. The WFD-PD program is administered under a Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission exemption order (EX09-08).

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