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Monday, May 30, 2016
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Who can Apply

Applications can be made by any:

  • Individual adults who, because of a disability, requires specialized supports in order to prepare for, obtain and/or maintain employment; or
  • Community-Based Organization who conducts assessments or provides disability-specific career and employment services; or
  • Employer who requires specialized support to hire an individual with a disability.


Individual applicants are eligible to receive funding support for the disability-related costs of their participation in education, training and employment programs, or to pay for an assessment to determine the impact of disability on training, education and employment,

Examples of disability-related supports include technical aids, tutoring, attendant care, note taking, interpreting, specialized transportation, and so on.

When educational-related supports are required, the student must apply for funding through Student Financial Assistance before WFD-PD. Grants for disability-related needs are accessed by applying to the Student Loans Program. (See the link below for Assistance for Students with Permanent Disabilities.)

Community-Based Organizations

The program will consider project-based applications that are developed by Community-Based Organizations. Any proposal submitted must show a direct link to mainstream employment, and must address and document individual needs.


Employers who are hiring a person with a disability can receive support for the disability-related costs of accommodating that person.

Typical accommodation costs would include such interventions as wage subsidies, technical supports, job coach and job shadowing. Generally, capital costs will not be approved.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete and submit both a Labour Market Services Registration Form and the appropriate Workforce Development (WFD) Application Form. 

Submit your completed WFD Application and LMS Registration Forms to your nearest LMS  office.

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