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Tuesday, May 31, 2016
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The WFD-PD Program (formerly known as Employability Assistance for People with Disabilities (EAPD) provides funding to assist adults with disabilities to prepare for, secure and maintain employment. Support includes:

  • training on the job;
  • vocational and work assessments;
  • psycho-educational assessments;
  • job coaching;
  • support for employers; and
  • disability-related costs for a wide variety of post-secondary education and training programs.

Program support is cost shared under the Federal-Provincial Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities.


The WFD-PD program level of support is determined by the program objectives, eligibility and criteria.

Applications for WFD-PD support can be made by individuals, community-based organizations or employers.  

Human Rights Exemption
The WFD-PD program is administered under a Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission exemption order (EX09-08). WFD-PD provides assistance to help minimize the impact of disability on education and employment.

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To inquire about WFD-PD assistance, contact your nearest Labour Market Services delivery location.

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