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Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Canada-Saskatchewan Rapid Response Teams are a partnership between the Labour Standards Office (LSO), Labour Market Services (LMS), Saskatchewan Immigration and Service Canada. These partners have agreed to coordinate support services for businesses and workers affected by production slowdowns or layoffs.

Businesses are identified for Rapid Response service through inquiries from workers and employers, media reports, or announcements of layoffs. Each team is assembled to address the particular needs of the employer and their workforce.

To learn more about our Rapid Response Teams, contact your nearest Labour Market Services delivery location.

Information and Services for Employers

Rapid Response Teams are available to ensure that employers can access the programs, services, benefits and information they need during through difficult times. Information may include:

  • Information about the federal Work-Sharing program to help maintain workers during a temporary slowdown (*see note below);
  • A description of the Employment Insurance process for workers;
  • Training plan development for workers to gain skills and boost productivity;
  • Advice about helping workers prepare for career transitions;
  • Labour standards advice; and
  • to search resumes and post job opportunities for free.

*Note: For more information on Work-Sharing, please refer to the related links below.

Information and Services for Employees

Rapid Response Teams offer individualized, targeted solutions to meet the unique needs of workers and job seekers. Rapid Response information may include:

  • A description of the Employment Insurance process, what you need and what you need to know;
  • Advice about re-training and advancing along your career path;
  • Your rights and obligations under the Labour Standards Act;
  • Career and employment services available in your community;
  • for free résumé searching and job posting services; and
  • Special information for immigrant workers.

At our Canada-Saskatchewan Labour Market Services delivery locations, you will find:

  • Career information and tools to help you match your skills, interests and goals with real job opportunities;
  • Computer and internet access to help you explore labour market trends, occupations in demand and current job openings;
  • Information on training options and funding for training;
  • University, technical institution and regional college calendars;
  • Books, software and advice to help with resumes and cover letters;
  • Access to computers, printers, fax and photocopier to support your job search;
  • Free access to job postings and resumé posting services through;
  • Information about community programs and services to help you find a job and succeed in the workplace; and
  • Professional staff to assist you
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