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Friday, May 27, 2016
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What is WFD-PD?

The Workforce Development for Persons with Disabilities (WFD-PD) program provides funding to assist adults with disability-related costs of preparing for, securing and/or maintaining employment.

Who is eligible for WFD-PD?

  • Funding must support a resident of Saskatchewan 16 and over who, because of a disability, will require extraordinary supports to prepare for, obtain or maintain employment.
  • Funding supports are for disability-related costs only.
  • Funding may be used to conduct an assessment to determine the impact of disability and the supports required for successful employment.
  • Funding is contingent upon confirmation of disability and a description of the supports needed in an Individual Action Plan.
  • The Action Plan must focus on employment with attention to disability-related costs and must encourage the use of mainstream programs wherever possible.

What kinds of things does WFD-PD support?

  • Funding is for disability-related costs only.
  • Funding may be used to support things like:
    • Psycho-educational assessment (including related, reasonable travel costs);
    • Personal support or services to address the impact of disability, included but not limited to:
      • Exam reader and/or scribe and/or proctor;
      • Tutoring services up to 10 hours per week;
      • Reader fees to assist with studying;
      • Interpreter services;
      • Job coaching support;
      • Work assessment;
      • Attendant care services;
      • Honoraria for note taking assistance during class hours; and
    • Other accommodations that address the impact of disability, including but not limited to:
      • Production of special format materials that are not available through existing resource libraries (i.e. braille or large print books and tapes);
      • Shipping and postage, photocopying and printing that is a direct result of disability needs;
      • Purchase or rental of technical aides and/or installation of approved, specialized software;
      • Hand held spellchecker or a basic personal digital assistant, daytimer or date book (not in combination with a computer);
      • Tape recorder, calculator;
      • Purchase or rental of equipment for use in an educational setting that is not ordinarily required by all students in the program (i.e. such as sip and puff computer, voice activated software, specialized monitor or mouse);
      • Purchase or rental of a standard (entry level) computer package $1500.00 maximum. An entry level computer package is a keyboard, mouse, printer, cables, a monitor and a basic word processing and spreadsheet software package.

How do I access WFD-PD support?

  • Individuals can request WFD-PD support by contacting the nearest Canada-Saskatchewan Career and Employment Services (CES) office. 
  • Individuals who are enrolled at a post-secondary institution should contact their student support office (or disability support office) about accessing WFD-PD support for their education.
  • Some community-based organizations administer WFD-PD funding directly in order to assist their clients with disability-related needs.

What is required for an WFD-PD application?

  • Applicants must submit an WFD-PD Application Form and a Labour Market Services Registration Form.
  • All WFD-PD applications must include the following information:
    • a career goal;
    • rationale: Why is the support required?  This should be a description of how the intervention will help the individual to participate in the labour force;
    • a listing of measures, both short-term and long-term, that will be required to attain the goal;
    • descriptions of extraordinary disability costs necessary to participate in programs of study and other employability-related activities; 
    • disability-related costs.  
  • Funding is contingent upon disability status and a description of the supports needed. The disability-related costs must be identified and the application must demonstrate use of existing and mainstream programs wherever possible. 

How will I know the result of my application

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Applicants will be notified directly about the result of their funding application.

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