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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Eligibility for Trucking Firms

Saskatchewan trucking firms must:

  1. Be in operation in Saskatchewan for at least five years.
  2. Have no compliance issues with the National Safety Code (NSC).  The carrier must supply a carrier profile and have a satisfactory safety rating.  Verification of safety performance and carrier status will be confirmed by the Highway Traffic Board.
  3. Do primarily long-distance shipping that requires cross-border travelling (inter-provincially or internationally) or overnight travel.
  4. Submit a Long-Haul Trucking recruitment and settlement plan that will describe the company's plans for:
          Recruitment and screening foreign driver applicants
          Orientation and training foreign drivers recruited; and
          Settlement support for immigrant employees and their families.
  5. Refer to SINP 500-3 Long-Haul Truck Driver Recruitment and Settlement Plan for further direction on completing a recruitment plan.
  6. Meet Service Canada requirements, which includes obtaining a Service Canada Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and providing a Human Resource plan for each driver who applies to the SINP that will describe:
          Ongoing efforts to recruit and train Canadian citizens and permanent
          Wages, working conditions and other benefits;  and
          The benefits to Canada and the industry of hiring foreign nationals.
  7. Provide the SINP and Service Canada copies of both the mandatory Service Canada employer-employee contract and the offer of permanent employment that will take effect after the initial 12 months.  The offer of permanent employment must provide wages and benefits and other terms of employment equal to those the organization pays, or would pay, to Canadians or permanent residents of Canada with similar skills and experience.

Service Canada Requirements

Before you apply to hire international truck drivers, Service Canada will expect you to:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive and on-going efforts to recruit Canadian youth, aboriginal people, recent immigrants and Canadians in areas of high unemployment;
  • Show efforts to hire unemployed Canadians through HRSDC and provincial employment programs;
  • Consult with the local union if the position is covered under a collective agreement;
  • Sign an employer-employee contract outlining wages, duties, and conditions related to the transportation, accommodation, health and occupational safety of the foreign worker;
  • Cover all recruitment costs related to hiring the foreign worker;
  • Help the worker(s) find suitable, affordable accommodation;
  • Pay full airfare for the foreign worker to and from their home country;
  • Provide medical coverage until the worker is eligible for provincial health insurance coverage;  and
  • Register your worker under the appropriate provincial workers compensation/workplace safety insurance plans.

Common Questions

Answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding the Long Haul Truck Driver Project sub-category.

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