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Sunday, May 29, 2016

There are certain ways the government gives money back to residents of Saskatchewan.  It is done mainly through credits, supplements and benefits. 

A tax credit is money you receive from a government tax program.  An income supplement is money you receive through certain programs of the federal or provincial government to make your life better in particular way, such as to help you pay your rent or buy eyeglasses for your children.

Benefits for People with Children

In Canada, all families can receive money to help raise their children that are 18 years old or younger.  Everyone with children under the age of six can receive the Universal Child Care Benefit.

The Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) is a tax-free payment made to the family once a month.  The amount you get from the CCTB depends on your income.  RC66 Canada Child Benefits Application.

If you have children, you should apply for these benefits as soon as possible after you arrive in Saskatchewan.  You need to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) before you can apply for the CCTB or the UCC.  Visit the Working section for more information on SINs. 

GST Credit

The GST Credit program is a way for people and families with lower incomes to get back some or all of the federal goods and services tax they pay.  Newcomers to Canada may apply for GST/HST credits at any time in the year they become residents of Canada by completing Form RC151.  Otherwise, to apply for the GST Credit, fill out the benefits section on your income tax form.  GST Credit cheques are issued every three months.

Assistance for Lower-Income People and Families

There are many Saskatchewan programs that help lower-income families get a better quality of life.  These include income support for persons who are studying in certain programs, child care help for working families, employment, and rental housing supplement.

The Saskatchewan Low-Income Tax Credit reduces the provincial income taxes paid by lower-income people.  If you applied for the federal GST Credit, you will automatically be registered for this program.

People or families who are unable to meet their basic living costs can apply for assistance under the Saskatchewan Assistance Program

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