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Monday, May 30, 2016

In certain occupations in Saskatchewan, most people are self-employed.  For example, many veterinarians, dentists, lawyers, optometrists and physicians operate their practices as businesses.  Tradespersons such as carpenters or electricians may go into business for themselves.  There are also business owners who operate restaurants, sell goods or provide special services.

Saskatchewan is a great place to be an entrepreneur.  As a newcomer to Saskatchewan, you may decide that you want to start your own business.  There are many resources to help you.  

Getting Help Starting Your Business

Free resources are available to provide you with information on starting your own business.

  • The Business Start-up Assistant is a web site that provides information on starting a business.  It also provides links to federal, provincial and territorial government forms, rules, and regulations.
  • The SaskBiz website provides regional information to help you make decisions on where to locate a business in Saskatchewan.
  • Libraries have extensive resources on starting and running a business.
  • Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan assists women considering starting a business or operating an existing business.  Their programs and services include business advising, business loans, networking and mentoring opportunities, as well as training workshops on business skill development.
  • You can use this self-assessment tool to measure your entrepreneurial potential.  The Business Development Bank of Canada assists people with establishing and financing their business.

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