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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act
Valid Service Provider Lists for
Foreign Worker Recruiters and Immigration Consultants

As of March 20, 2014

If a foreign worker or employer decides to use an immigration consultant or foreign worker recruiter, they must use the services of a licensed recruiter or immigration consultant under The Foreign Worker Recruitment and Immigration Services Act (FWRISA).  Employers who hire unlicensed representatives are subject to penalties under the FWRISA.  Foreign nationals who hire unlicensed representatives cannot be fully protected under the FWRISA.  Applications to the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program supported by unlicensed representatives may be refused.

The lists below identify all the individuals who are authorized under the FWRISA to provide foreign worker recruiting services or immigration consulting services to foreign nationals coming to Saskatchewan.  The lists include:

  • Licensees – These individuals have met all licensing requirements and posted $20,000 in financial security which can be used to compensate individuals who have incurred a financial loss as a result of a violation of the FWRISA by a recruiter or immigration consultant.
  • Exempted Licence Applicants – Recruiters and immigration consultants who provided services to foreign nationals or Saskatchewan employers in the two years prior to October 11, 2013, and who applied for a licence by January 8, 2014, can provide services until their licence application is reviewed and decided upon.  If their application is approved and they are issued a licence, they will be identified as a licensee on this list.  All listed Exempted Licence Applicants have applied for a licence, however, their application has not yet been reviewed.

The lists are current as of the posting date and will be updated bi-weekly or as needed.

If the individual you are planning to use for recruitment or immigration services is not on the list of valid service providers, please contact the Program Integrity Unit at (306)787-0006 or at to get more information on their status.

Please note under the FWRISA, immigration lawyers are exempt from the requirement to be licensed as immigration consultants.  Lawyers providing immigration services must be members in good standing with the provincial law society in which they practice.  Active members can be searched in each province at  Lawyers who provide recruitment services must be licensed under FWRISA.

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