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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Recruiting immigrant workers requires you to conduct a number of employment steps that are unique to the international recruitment process.  Before you begin the international recruitment process determine which government program is right for you.  The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is for skilled workers who want to make Saskatchewan their permanent home.  The federal government has options for temporary workers through Citizenship and Immigration Canada.  Learn more about the federal government’s processing times.

Before recruiting an international worker through the SINP, the job must be approved. 

Step 1: Obtain SINP approval for the position

In order to obtain SINP approval for the position, start with a job descriptionA well-developed job description of the position you are hiring for helps both you and the job-seeker to clearly understand what you need.  

This step will prepare you for writing your job offer letter in Step 4.

Outline the skills, knowledge and abilities you require for the position, for example:

  • Education requirements
  • Work experience
  • Language skills
  • Daily Duties and responsibilities

You will then need to determine the National Occupation Code.   Find the job for which you’d like to hire in the NOC matrix.  This step will prepare you for writing your job offer letter in Step 4.

Finally, determine the salary.  Employers who hire immigrant workers must offer salaries that match Canadian standards in that occupation.  To find out what the typical salary ranges are for the positions and occupations that you are planning to hire, visit Job Bank.  This step will prepare you for writing your job offer letter in Step 4.   

The job approval letter is eligible for six months after date of issue.

Step 2: Complete the online job approval application

Go to to complete the online job approval application. Visit the SINP Online Employer Guide to learn how to do so.

Step 3: Search internationally

Select the country(ies) that you are interested in recruiting from.  Advertise and receive résumés or travel to the country to conduct interviews.  Select candidates for hire.  Learn more about how to recruit workers.

Ask the SINP at

Step 4: Prepare a job offer letter

Send the person you are interested in hiring a signed written offer of permanent, full-time employment to the applicant in an occupation that falls into the National Occupation Codes (NOC) level 0, A or B on the NOC matrix or a Designated Trade.  The letter should include:

  • The job title and a description of duties and responsibilities.
  • The salary the applicant will receive and that matches Saskatchewan standards in that occupation.
  • The benefits the employer will provide.
  • The company's contact information on company letterhead.

Step 5: The worker applies to the SINP

The worker submits their application and the letter of offer you have provided to the SINP.  Once they are nominated, they will apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a permanent resident visa.  Please note that in some cases, the worker can also apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a temporary work permit that will allow them to start working before their permanent residence is approved.  The SINP will send nominees a work permit support letter that can be used to apply for a temporary work permit after nomination.

Step 6: Prepare for the immigrant worker's arrival

Ensure that you have considered and prepared for the immigrant worker’s living arrangements, transportation requirements and lifestyle needs.   

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