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Monday, May 30, 2016

Anne with her family

Anne and her family, who are originally from the Philippines, emigrated from Saudi Arabia to Regina. Anne and her husband, Rey, had been living and working in the Middle East for several years before they decided to find a more secure place to raise their family. In 2004, they made the big move to Saskatchewan with their four-year-old son Rance.

A smooth process

After friends who were also living in Saudi Arabia decided to make

Anne in scrubs 

the move to Canada, Anne and her family were encouraged to do the same.  “Our friends were very happy with their move, so we thought it could be a good move for us, too,” says Anne.

Anne came to Saskatchewan to work as a nurse in a Regina hospital.  After completing her licensing exams and getting a permanent job as a registered nurse, Anne applied for permanent residency under the Health Professionals category of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program.  Today Anne and her family are permanent residents and are getting ready to become Canadian citizens.

Thanks to both the helpful staff at Saskatchewan Immigration and their own thorough research on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s website, their immigration experience was very positive.  “We were pleasantly surprised, “says Anne, “We were very pleased by how quickly and easily everything moved.”

There’s no place like our new home

When they arrived in Saskatchewan, her family was well prepared.  Having conducted plenty of research beforehand, Anne and Rey were aware of the vast differences in lifestyle that awaited them.  Anne was offered a job before coming to Saskatchewan and Rey found a job after they arrived in his preferred field of IT through, the website with the largest number of jobs in Saskatchewan.

 Anne with her daughter
Anne with her daughter

The family also expanded with the birth of their daughter, Alessandra, in 2007.  “It took a little while for us to adjust,” says Anne, “There are many differences between the Middle East and Saskatchewan.  But we love it here and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.”  Along with finding excellent employment opportunities, the family is also grateful for the safe and secure city they now call home.  “It’s beautiful,” says Anne, “We go walking or jogging around our community all the time and it’s so peaceful and safe.”

Anne and Rey are also pleased to be raising their children in a place they feel is very family-oriented.  “There are so many facilities and opportunities for our family.  The schools, the teachers, everyone is so approachable and welcoming – it’s really amazing,” says Anne.  And the family has also found plenty of activities to keep them busy.  Rance takes part in Tae Kwon Do as well as singing and piano lessons.  The entire family also enjoys tennis and plays on courts in their community during the summer and at the Lawson Aquatic Centre during winter months.

For Anne and her family, there really is no place like their new home.  “The people are so friendly, so warm and welcoming,” she says, “We really feel at home here.”

A little advice goes a long way

Anne believes her family enjoyed a very smooth immigration process due in large part to their own thorough research.  When asked what advice she would give others thinking of making a similar move, Anne is quick to offer many pointers. “It’s everyone’s responsibility to do their own research.  You have to be properly prepared when you make a move like this, because if you’re not prepared, culture shock will be a factor.”  Anne believes learning proper English is a must (she and her husband both learned English while in Saudi Arabia).  In addition, Anne suggests learning how to drive.  It’s not a must, but Anne says, “having a driver’s license is ideal.”  Finally, Anne says it’s important that potential immigrants take the time to learn about their future home, including such things as the local weather and landscape.  “The better prepared you are, the easier your transition.  And if you’re well-prepared, you’re more likely to find the perfect place to live – just like we did.”

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