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Thursday, May 26, 2016

An agrologist is a science-based professional in agriculture, bioresources, food or the environment, who responsibly teaches, transfers knowledge or conducts research.  The growing profession of agrology addresses many of today’s critical issues in production agriculture, food safety, bioresources quality and environmental health. 

Agrologists are employed by businesses, institutions, governments or are self-employed, serving the agricultural or environmental communities.

The Internationally Educated Applicants section on the website of the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists (SIA) outlines the steps to membership including a process map for Internationally-Trained Agrologists.

To protect the public, the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists regulates the profession of agrology in Saskatchewan, by ensuring its safe, competent and ethical practice.  The Institute is responsible for the enforcement of the Saskatchewan Agrologists Act and defines professional standards for individuals practicing agrology.  The Agrologists Act, 1994 functions to protect the public from fraudulent actions by those not qualified or not registered to practice agrology.

Agrology is a regulated profession across Canada, similar to accountants, doctors, engineers and lawyers.  Each province and territory has its own regulator and registration requirements.  In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists is the regulator.

To work as an Agrologist or Agricultural Technologist in Saskatchewan, you must be registered with the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists and obtain a license to practice.  Registration to practice agrology is required by law in Saskatchewan and most other provinces.

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