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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
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Through the Canada-Saskatchewan Labour Market Services sites, the ministry provides career and employment services to Saskatchewan people in need of information on career and job opportunities, as well as training and/or education options that enable participation in the provincial labour market. The services are focused on matching the skills of Saskatchewan workers with the skill needs of employers.

Services For Employers:

Labour Market Services (LMS) assist employers to find the workers they need. The website is the provincial job order system that enables employers to post their jobs free of charge.

Office locations and contact information.

Canada-Saskatchewan Rapid Response Teams offer individualized solutions for employers and workers dealing with production slow-downs and layoffs.

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Programs are available to help unemployed and under-employed individuals acquire the fundamental skills they need to participate in the Saskatchewan labour market. These programs bring together individuals, community-based organizations, employers and government to work in partnership to provide a variety of educational and work preparation opportunities for unemployed people, low-skilled job seekers and older workers.

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